Tarot Intuitive & Numerology Reader


WILLIAM CARTERWilliam has spent many years exploring Metaphysics through Numerology, Tarot Astrology, Dowsing and Siddha Meditation.

He is an experienced Numerologist and Certified Tarot Intuitive Counsellor who combines the two arts to understand the blue print of the Soul and cycles, together with the impacting now moment of Tarot. An irresistible combination to awaken True Purpose, Talents and a Serious Laugh at Life.

He is warm, friendly, and easy to talk to, engaging to evoke, enlighten and evolve. Empowering others with insight, inspiration, strategies and understandings.


After travelling through gracious Spiritual India in 2008 he received a powerful awakening through meditation that has unlocked key understandings, peace and presence.

He works with esoteric tools to enhance readings, transform negativity and consciously contact the All Knowing one inside. As all knowledge exists, it just has to be downloaded.

William holds an Associate Diploma of Transpersonal Breathwork which can shift blockages and open up creative potential that has been suppressed through trauma.

He has been actively involved in personal development courses, workshops and retreats and is constantly working on just “Being” – staying conscious in the Now and not getting ‘caught up’ in the what ifs, or things will be better when this or that is achieved.

He is available for personal readings, parties, hen’s nights, corporate events and workshops.