519 7148

If you are struggling with trying to make something happen or thinking its all too hard, here is a SIGN. The number above is from the work of Russian Humanitarian/psychic Grigori Grabovoi.

Lets see how this works. (odd No. are Masculine, even No. are Feminine)


5 – represents the mind of HuMAN, new directions, new people, change, stepping outside your  comfort zone, exploring the unknown, communication.

1 – represents the Spirit in matter, originality, new beginnings, new opportunities, purpose, willpower

9 – represents Goodwill and Service, humanitarian, honour, integrity, endings

The Gap : very important to leave a gap (Space/Time) this could be a zero point which HOLDS the potential of ALL possibilities.

7 –  represents the Spiritual mind, sensitivity, faith, depth, the analytical mind to find the Truth

1 – authentic leadership, independence, power, direct proactive energy

4 – represents  the Work ethic, order, practicality, dependability, working the plan

8 – represents the process of Empowerment, business, management, organization, finances


The Hidden numbers in this 5+1+9+7+1+4+8 = 35 = 3+5 = 8  (35/8)

3 – represents the Creative process, self-expression, expansion, joy, the artist of the plan

5 – diversity, travel, transformation, variety

8 – This is the Key Number of NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.


The 8 is a standing wave of Infinity. The top circle is the Spirit – lots of empaths, Lightworkers and sensitives hang out here and spin this circle very fast. The bottom circle is the Earth – lots of business people, executives, money making marketing people hang out here and perpetually spin this wheel.

If you are spinning the top circle…how’s it going? Is it hard work for little return? The bikes working hard but you’re gaining little ground.

If you are spinning the bottom wheel…have you lost sight of yourself and the bigger picture? Is it all work no play, or play hard and work hard? Do you feel like you’re on the rat wheel and can’t get off?

To fully integrate and realign this 8, we are to Merge these 2 wheels together, to drive the bus of INFINITE Abundance. Seamlessly engaging the gogs of Grace, Ease, Generosity and Gratitude on this Earthly journey. The scenery is simply magnificent and on top of the mountain you finally get to see the road to NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

519 7148  Write this number down on your body (aura), on your phone (speed dial), on your fridge, on your mirror, on your water bottle (frequency carrier), on your mind, in the air as you day dream your possibility. Say it often and experiment.

Would be interested to hear how this number shifts you.

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Blessings and Infinite Possibilities and Outcomes for ALL.