William is an empathic Light worker with a dedication to connect, support, uplift, evolve and transform what no longer serves you. As a natural intuitive, with guidance from pure higher realm consciousness he offers insights with earthy common sense.


My first spiritual teacher gifted me a book. What I gleaned from its simple message was to “know thyself.” This is where we start a relationship based on Self Love, wisdom, compassion, understanding and insights. From that flow we can help others.

Working with the powerful tools of Numerology and Tarot I share my knowledge to see what is and what can be. Numerology provides key understands of the Soul’s psyche, destiny and the cycles for the journey ahead. The Tarot engages the mind with symbols and archetypes that bring right brain understandings, inspiration and high-minded insights into the present moment.

My intention is to help you lead an inspired happy life by giving you creative options through intuitive counselling on your life questions. Empowering you to Be present and excited about who you are, what you can do to make a difference and open up to the many opportunities life presents.


My aim is two fold. First to explain the simple system of Numerology and connect you to its wisdom. Empowering you to be proactive to use this knowledge for guidance and to take the next steps. Second is to read the Tarot and explore the different aspects and dimensions that the cards present. Opening up to your creative options and innate intuition. Helping you to make positive decisions and to trust your instincts. Connecting you to your Guide’s wisdom. My readings focus more on empowerment, self-growth and intuition rather than predictions.

The best way to predict the future is to dream, invent, design and create your future.


What to expect from a reading

  • To gain understanding of your life purpose
  • Step beyond limitations
  • To rekindle your Mojo and meaning
  • To use your own awareness to create the life you wish to live
  • To explore more aspects and dimensions of yourself
  • To connect you to your intuition and wisdom
  • To understand your personal numerology cycle